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Welcome to the Legion of Legend website!

Welcome Traveler, come on in, have a seat, rest your weary bones and I shall tell you of a recent happening.....

A gigantic shard of Luclin has fallen to the lands of Norrath and shattered our brotherhood....as a result of this event, a large majority of the hearty band of veteran raiders have sought to continue their battles with the Mighty Dragons from a base known as "The Legion of Legend"....

So if you like to have fun, enjoy end game content and associate with seasoned battle tested veterans who see this as a fun game, you are welcome here..........



Legion of Legend is no longer raiding so no recruits are accepted at this time.


    Please contact any of the following:



Alternate Character

Tribunal (Leader) Laeasu Melix, Rinra, Baar, Stormdancer, Vellvet, Itziar, Trein
Nonce Ziggles, Baalloon, Soro
Alyndria, Leasha, Sylfe, Alyccia, Amilesa, Lyrissa, Kelsynia
Legion Officer
Kathenna Katherla, Melodya
n/a  n/a
Class Officer (Fighter)    
Deboh Dorian
Class Officer (Mage) Uroec
Anean, Ejaez
Class Officer (Priest) Silverstrike
Silverdeath, Silverscale, Silversong, Silverhart, Silverchant, Silverfists
Class Officer (Scout) Starshine Ailsy, Fona, Icestar, Starlight, Stareyes


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